Ideal Systems Booth Guide For Infocomm South East Asia 2019


Ideal will be showcasing Sonance Professional Series speakers from Californian based company Dana Innovations for the first time in South East Asia at the first Infocomm show in the region. The highly acclaimed speaker range is comprised of twenty-four 100V, 70V and 8 Ohm selectable In-Ceiling, Pendant and Surface Mount speakers. The audio showcase on Ideal Systems booth will demonstrate Sonance best-in-class sonic performance across the range of different speakers. The live demonstration augments Sonance’s swift worldwide and Ideal Systems rapid Asian expansion in the Commercial AV marketplace. The Sonance Professional Series emerged from two guiding principles: audio solutions should blend into the commercial spaces where they are installed and should be comfortable to listen to from both a fidelity and a coverage standpoint. From both aesthetic and performance perspectives, Professional Series delivers a compelling commercial audio experience.


Exterity systems are deployed globally by some of the most recognized brands in the world, enabling the distribution of broadcast quality digital TV and video over IP networks to an unlimited number of end points. With centralized management, configuration and control, Exterity solutions support large volumes of content and devices without compromising system performance or availability.
Exterity hospitality and leisure solutions are used worldwide to provide guests with a "better-than-home" experience. Supply an unlimited number of stunning TV channels, up to 4K, as well as relevant information throughout the venue such as in reception areas, restaurants or meeting rooms, but also to any number of guest rooms.

Exterity has extended its Sony Partnership with built-In Chromecast Support. On the booth Ideal Systems will showcase the latest Sony professional TV with built-in Chromecast functionality, enabling users to easily share content from subscription services, such as Netflix or YouTube, from their mobile device directly to the Sony screen. This removes the need for a Chromecast dongle and other external 3rd party devices and services, simplifying ongoing support and maintenance. ArtioGuest, with its direct access to the Sony built-in Chromecast functionality, securely connects Sony TVs, Chromecast services and the guest’s mobile device, while protecting the user’s personal data. On the booth we will be showing ArtioGuest on Sony Smart TV with built-in Chromecast and Digital Signage.


For the first time in Asia we will be showcasing LAVA, an enterprise-level cloudbased system to publish content and control displays and video walls from a single console to and from anywhere in the world. The perfect solution for the entire enterprise including marketing, sales, administration, customer service, and finance. We serve government, retail, corporate, education, financial, transportation, and healthcare.


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Lunching globally at Infocomm SEA 2019 Occam is a solution designed specifically for meeting room providers and co-working spaces to provide a common platform that individuals can use to connect to presentation systems. Consisting of a server application combined with device app, Occam enables users to take control of any display system and seamlessly present content.

A flexible solution, the Occam server can be supplied as a standalone hardware product or licensed for use on within existing application architectures. Where Occam hardware is installed, only a power, network and HDMI connection is required to create an Occam-ready meeting room. By licensing the Occam server software, meeting room providers have the option to further simplify the technology set-up by retaining all connection functionality within an existing ecosystem. An automated connection process also ensures a simple and smooth connection. Occam will automatically detect devices running the Occam app, returning a four digit PIN that is simply entered into the device to take control of the presentation screen. These PINs are randomly generated which means multiple Occam devices can be active on the same network without any interference or confusion.


We will do live demos of the new Icon 700 with its Lifelike 4K image quality, ultra-high definition content sharing, superior sound and a breathtakingly powerful zoom combine to create a meeting room experience.

Lifesize Icon 700 delivers a breakthrough experience that makes video communication and content sharing not only seamless but second nature and truly represents the closest you can get to being in the same room.



Introducing EvertzAV's all new AV over IP distribution and control solution: NUCLEUS. NUCLEUS is an AV routing platform developed exclusively for customers looking for a simplified, all-in-one AV distribution, presentation, collaboration, and control solution NUCLEUS delivers Enterprise class AV distribution by utilizing the experience and strength cultivated through the many years of being a global leader in broadcast audio and video infrastructure equipment, Evertz Microsystems has developed an extremely powerful, yet simplified and all around easy–to–use AV distribution platform for enterprises of all sizes. No fuss simple setup, no programming required NUCLEUS operates on a simplified configuration framework allowing administrators the ability to set up a fully functional AV distribution network in minutes without the hassles associated with most AV distribution platforms available on the market today.


At the core of the NUCLEUS platform is the NUCLEUS Session Manager. The NUCLEUS Session Manager is a full featured linux-based centralized management server used for the configuration, control, and orchestration of the UXP AV Gateways.


Revolving around the NUCLEUS Session Manager are the UXP AV Gateways. The UXP AV Gateways encapsulate and transport video, audio, USB, and control data. The UXP AV Gateways can be integrated into your enterprise’s rooms and spaces using your 1GbE IP network


Apantac is an internationally recognized  manufacturer of multiviewers, video walls, extension and signal processing solutions, will showcase a range of HDMI 2.0 and 4K / UHD solutions on Ideal Systems booth at Infocomm  SEA 2019. Apantac is taking 4K UHD image and signal processing to the next level thanks to the maturity of the HDMI 2.0 interface.


Visitors to Apantac on the Ideal booth will receive hands-on demonstration showcasing enhanced visual clarity in its range of  multiviewers. On display will be the very  popular Tahoma UE-4-K HDMi 2.0 4K/UHD Multiviewer with KVM which brings numerous benefits to AV/Media/IT professionals as they are now able to view and seamlessly move across multiple  PC/HDMI devices and viewing them on a single UHD and/or 12G screen.

The Tahoma UE-4-K  is a 4 input UHD HDMI multiviewer with advanced on-screen display and KVM. It  can simultaneously show  4 source devices  in different resolutions as bespoke layouts of window combinations  which can be resized and have borders alarms audio etc. Multiple layouts can be saved and recalled as presets at an instant. Visual alarm tags, safe area markers, digital and analog clocks, and 8 channels of embedded HDMI audio per source can be monitored on a single UHD  screen. With standalone labels and customizable logo’s, we aim to showcase that Tahoma UE– 4-K is indeed a versatile solution that will provide a leading edge to the operational capability to any facility.

On the booth will be a display of Apantac’s popular range of  convertor products like KVM over IP ,  HDBaseT extenders, de-embedders , DA’s  and other small but crucial solutions used by  the AV/IT/Media industry.     


ONErack is a universal, powered mounting system that vastly improves rack installation of small devices. tvONE’s patent pending design converts randomly sized, externallypowered devices from any manufacturer into slide-in modules that can be installed quickly and cleanly and serviced easily. Chassis are available in 4RU, 5RU and 6RU and can hold up to 16 modules with up to 2 voltage selectors each. When using the ONErack Power Supply, each voltage selector, can provide power @ 5v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v, 13.5v, 18v, & 24v up to 35 watts. A pass thru is also available for custom power sources.


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